Development Consulting Division

Our Development Consulting Division offers the following services:

Capacity Building
We assess capacity needs of organisations in the public sector and provide:

  • Human resources,
  • Organisational and;
  • Institutional
Economic and Social Impact Analysis of:
  • Public sector reform
  • Development projects
  • Institutional reform
Trade Policy and Trade Negotiations

  • Trade policy advise to governments and private sector
  • Training in trade policy development and implementation
  • Domestic trade development strategy
  • Trade policy research 4. Regional Integration
  • Process mechanisms of regional integration
  • Regional trade
  • Tariffs
  • Free movement of goods, services and persons
  • Business establishment
  • Negotiations
The Multilateral Trading System (World Trade Organisation)
  • Rules and regulations of the WTO
  • How to benefit from the multilateral trading system
  • Identifying markets
  • Advising on regionalism and the multilateral trading system
  • International marketing and the WTO
  • Research
International Marketing Strategy
  • Market development strategy
  • Rules of international trading
  • Export competitiveness
  • Product identification and development